Posted by: Hope | October 30, 2007

Competition at Durand – Carman-Ainsworth HSMB

Saturday October 27th was my marching bands final competition. We scored a 67.45 and are happy about it. Yet, our goal was a 70 so we were also very sad. But nonetheless I was content with all of the improvement and am already anxious for next years show. The season started off rough and I was worried. I had a lot of freshman trumpet players coming in that I (along with two other trumpet section leaders) would have to worry about. I was worried, and I think it showed. I didn’t know where to start or how to gain their respect. At first I feel that they didn’t respect me and most of them didn’t even like me. But now, I feel that we have become a family. I remember the very first speech I gave them I put a bet on that. I wanted to make sure that this season we became a “family” and respected each other. This goal was for my trumpets, but I didn’t hold it solidly to that. I feel that we all, in a way, connected and have become a family. Most of us already were, but I’d say almost (if not more) of the band this year were Freshman. So congrats to them for having such a strong season for sure!

Alas, I just want to show you our final video. If you compare this video to West Bloomfield I believe you will notice how much more emotion is put into this show and I think that is where most of our score came from.  Sadly, our visual effect dropped nearly 3 points from the West Bloomfield competition, so that was a big drag and hurt our score tremendously. Enjoy the show and I hope to hear from you all soon!


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