Posted by: Hope | October 19, 2007

I’m Nerdy, Are You?

    Over the last week or so I have come to an odd realization that I am a nerd. I never realized this, and actually I have made fun of nerds my entire life…to be quite honest. When I finally realized that I was a nerd…in an odd way…I was surprised. How do you surprise yourself of who you really are? Thats a question I cannot answer. Maybe it was just denial? I have no idea.

Maybe you’re wondering where I came up with the concept that I’m a nerd? Well, over the last few years I’ve showed special interest in subjects that most teenagers don’t give a rats ass about. These subjects include religion, math, science, books, band, internet and computers, etc.  Of course I knew that I found these subjects interesting, but I never put two and two together. So what made me actually finally realize this? When I was downloading band music the other day and rocking it out hardcore while my brother was over a playing a video game. This was the moment when it all clicked and I realized I’m a nerd.

So now I suppose the question is, is it a bad thing to be a nerd? I don’t think so. I think everyone is nerdy in some way shape or form. People find a passion that they love and cherish and in a way get “nerdy” about it. Of course there are the few people that have no passions and I have nothing to say about them cause they clearly have nothing to do with this topic!

So in conclusion, I am a nerd. I’m willing to bet you’re a nerd. If you weren’t in someway you probably wouldn’t be reading this now would you? Admit it! What are you nerdy about??

P.S.  Do you prefer “nerd” or “geek”???



  1. My preference is “one of impressive intelligence” but geek will do.

  2. Supposedly, a nerd is someone who likes to study generally all kinds of things (math, science, literature), and a geek is someone with highly specialized interests that few people can relate to (Star Trek, quantum physics). But i don’t think it matters, because it sure is fun to be one. =)

  3. Nerd means “someone who LOVES to study and his hobby is to study. But i don’t think taht you are. =)

  4. i think it’s just a term to describe what people would call un-normal although i think being a nerd is quite normal now, as you said.

  5. You just realized this? Anyone and everyone is a nerd/geek whatever. It’s just that the ones that have interests that aren’t considered “normal” are singled out like D&D, video games, or whatever.

    Though, being a teen and having those kinds of interests isn’t really all that nerdy I think. It’s actually more mature. I was interested in the same kinds of things at or around your age.

    It made me feel bad because it seemed like I was the only one who worried about such topics as say Philosophy and Religion as my peers did not.

    Sorry for the long reply, and good luck in your search for Truth.

  6. Yeah, I’m a nerd. But nerds aren’t always smart. Geeks are smart, nerds are stupid, goofy people who think they know everything.

  7. Kitty Ferguson: “Nerds are stupid, goofy people who think they know everything.”

    Wow, that is an amazingly true statement!!

    happycamper: Yes, it is indeed fun to be a nerd. I’ve come to enjoy it and its only about day three of me realizing it!

  8. I am a HUGE nerd. It’s good to see the nerd community has a new member. I have a funny blog about being a nerd- laughs garenteed! Stop by and leve me a comment.

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