Posted by: Hope | October 10, 2007

Loss of My Best Friend

     Last night was a terrible night. I came home from marching band practice to find that my dogs stomach was bloated about 3-4 times its normal size. Of course, at first it seemed like something obviously wasn’t normal, but I really didn’t think too much of it. But before I decided to go to bed so I could get up the next morning to go to school I figured I would just check to see what it may be and what we should do. Well, I did a quick google on dogs stomachs bloating and the first and most popular response was this thing called GDV. Well, due to my ignorance of issues animals will tend to have I had no idea what it was. But with a little research I soon came to learn that this was a very serious, life threatening problem that needed to be treated immediately.

Well, while I was looking all of this up my parents were gone to go see a movie. This was around 10 o’clock at night. So I printed the information off, highlighted the important parts and waited for my parents to get home. When they got home I showed them the information and explained it the best I could. I expressed that I thought we should take her to the ER A.S.A.P, but my mom for whatever reason didn’t want to do that. I tried to enforce that I really thought Chelsey had GDV and we need to take her to get her to get looked at right away. Well, after a little bit of convincing we were soon off to the ER with Chelsey sitting next to me.

I’m not really in the mood to express everything that happened at the ER, but we were faced with a tough decision. (By the way…I was right..she did have GDV.) We had a choice between giving a 12 year old golden retriever, with arthritis,  surgery…or putting her down. Long story short we obviously chose the later (after a few hours of crying and debating our conscience). I tried to be strong and to not cry, but once I looked at my dad and saw him starting to ball and with complete desperation on his face he cries out to me “What should I do?”….man…it was game over for me. I couldn’t hold it in after that.

Well, after the process of watching her being euthanized we were soon on our way home with her in the back of the car. We carried her inside while my mom was balling her eyes out, at this point I’m kinda in the “bitter” mood. We lay her down on the kitchen floor and go to grab shovels to dig her grave. Digging the grave wasn’t the hard part…it was putting her into the grave and shoveling that dirt on top of her dead body (we wraped her into a blanket). Oh my god, this was the hardest part ever. But yet, I forced myself not to cry. But morally, I felt wrong shoveling dirt onto her body. I almost wanted to just go in after her and just hug her one last time, but I knew that at some point I would have to give in and move on and that had to be the time. It was the hardest thing ever. I’m even crying as writing this.

So long story short, I lost one of my life time best friends. The best behaved dog I’ve ever had and ever will have. I’ll never forget her, she was practically a little sister, or a child to me. I grew up with her. We got her when I was at about the age of four. So, basically my entire life we had her.

Here is a picture of her and I a few months ago.




  1. I put my best friend down 3 years ago, hardest thing I ever had to do and I’m the parent in the situation. He was my dog, had him before I met my husband and had kids, my kids hadn’t ever known life without him. He had tumours in his throat, inoperable ones. I couldn’t bear to watch him stop eating and go downhill, so, while he was still reasonably well I did the deed. I cried, for hours, my husband and kids cried. I hated myself but I knew I’d done the right thing. So did you. Hugs.

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