Posted by: Hope | October 8, 2007

Movie About Jesus/Christianity

I watched this movie the other day with my dad on the computer. It was actually pretty interesting, especially to me. My dad found it interesting too, but he felt offended because it was against something he has always believed in his entire life. This video tells you a little bit about Jesus and the concept of Jesus and some other stuff to do with Jesus. I don’t want to give away too much more than that though.

There are three parts to this movie, I have only watched the first two parts, both of which I found extremely interesting.

The first part deals with what I already told you. And the second part gives you another idea (maybe a scary idea???) about 9/11. I’d actually really suggest you watch that part too, but I’m actually putting this on here for the Jesus part.


If you have time, I’d suggest you watch this. It doesn’t have to be all at once either, just remember the time you left off last and go to that time on the scroll bar when you have time to watch the rest :). If you didn’t know that, you’re an idiot. lol just kidding….

But yeah, if you do watch it, which I highly (actually, I’m willing to bet maybe only one person does) doubt you will…let me know what you think.

I’ve heard people tell me before what I hear in this movie about Jesus, but I never understood it really.

So yeah, watch it…you might actually enjoy it.



  1. Wow. All I have to say is…what a lie. A complete and utter piece of fiction that is floating out there and captivating innocent minds. Thank you for showing me this. I will warn others.

    Also…just in case you found yourself believing these lies and want to understand my stance against it. Check out this site:

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