Posted by: Hope | October 2, 2007


Do you have FireFox? Do you like to browse the web? If you answered yes to those questions I would HIGHLY suggest you get this new feature I have been using for a few weeks now. This add-on is called StumbleUpon. It has got to be the coolest thing ever. Basically, you sign up for it, you tell them your interests in tags…then after you’ve got all the basics down, when you hit Stumble (on the toolbar that is added on when you download it) it will go to a random website that has something to do with your interests that you told them i.e. religion, Christianity, atheism, music, etc. are all interests I have on mine. I would really, really suggest getting this. It is a GREAT mechanism for browsing the web.  Oh, and did I mention when you go to a website you can say whether or not you like it and it will be added onto to those websites. The websites that you stumble on are websites suggested by other members. So if you do get it you could always come back to my blog and say that you like it 😉 Would be super kind!

But in all seriousness, get this add-on if you like browsing the web. I’ve ran across some really good sites that normally wouldn’t be given the justice they deserve if this did not exist.



  1. Hi
    The Stumbleupon thingy is new to me, but I have find that its really a cool tool.

    I’m on a search for more tips & tricks
    Let me know if you got some.

    Thanks for the post.


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