Posted by: Hope | September 26, 2007

Being Agnostic Doesn’t Mean I’m a Bad Person

In school I am taking a class called Health and Medicine. Basically, it is a preparation for students to go into the medical field…college, career, etc. I really enjoy it, but sometimes it can be really awkward. It gets fairly personal on a lot of different subjects. Recently, we did a survey thing throughout the class where we all had to stand up and stand under a sign that said either “Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree.” We were asked several questions and we had to walk over to what we believed. The viewpoints on several subjects were fairly spread out and on others very “together”. But the one question that got me was “I believe that prayer is powerful and can do good things” (or something along those lines)…well, I was the only person that went to disagree. Every other person in the class was standing under strongly agree. Do you realize how awkward that feeling is? The looks that a few people gave me were, well, on the verge of embarrassing. They looked at me like I was a freak. Ironically though, I was wearing a T-Shirt that said “Got Jesus?” I had that shirt from back when I used to be a Christian, so I still wear it…why not?

I suppose my point is that people shouldn’t have to feel awkward for not believing in the supernatural. It is a personal choice, it doesn’t make you a freak or a bad person. Why do some (maybe even most??) religious people believe that if you are an atheist, agnostic, or non christian, etc. you are a bad person or weird? It’s simply not true. I agreed with those people on most things, yet, because I don’t believe in the supernatural I’m not normal? That’s just not right. It’s a wrong, very wrong belief to have. And I would discourage anyone that does think that if you aren’t a theist that you’re bad. That viewpoint is 100% ignorant.



  1. Well, all I can say is you’re much a normal person. They are the not-so-normal group. You’re using logic and facts vs. an irrational set of beliefs that accomplish nothing.

    I find coincidental that I came across this and they are bringing up belief in your medical class, I just wrote about this the other day. Here is what I I had to say about the same subject.

    “The world according to Nick, that’s me.

    So check this out. We give religion what they want, miracles and no believers what we want, science.

    I haven’t thought it all the way through yet, but I assume it would work something like this. When you turn 18, you make a decision much like the Organ Donor on your driver’s license. You get to choose, religious or non-religious.

    Here is the scenario. You get in a car accident and you are in critical condition. They check your ID and you’re religious, they wait for the holy man (priest or other) of your religion to show up and pray for you. If you’re not religious, you get carried away to the hospital being treated with medicine all the way there, once there you are cared for by a doctor and all the other technology that will make you better, because you don’t have a God to fix you.

    How many religious folks want to sign up for that? It’s a legitimate question. You can’t continue to have it both ways, MRI’s and Miracles, pick one, quit being scared that God may not exist and either 100% give yourself to faith or give up the magic and subscribe to reality. Until that day or something like it occurs, religion will always be scrutinized because no matter how strong you faith is, it’s still very weak compared to what is real.”


  2. No…being agnostic is not a bad thing. Although, most people treat it as such, because they do not understand what it means. You are searching for the Truth…and searching is better than believing something just because your parent’s told you it was true. I have been on this same journey of questions and doubt…and I have found the Truth in Jesus Christ. However, I am not so ridiculous as to think that believing in Jesus, God, or supernatural things, as you explain it, makes you better than someone who is searching for it. Keep searching, my friend. And don’t give up till you find yourself believing in something that nothing in the world could shake you from. And then wrap your entire heart and mind around it. It’s blissful.

    And by the way…calling yourself a Christian or not is inevitable to the fact that I want to read your blog. Hah. I love to hear about another traveler in this world. But, I will be praying for you. Because, my life has proven that prayer is indeed a powerful, good thing…or I wouldn’t be sitting here today typing you these words.

  3. I’m in similar position. I became a Christian after getting married and living with my in-laws, who are very religious Christians. For a while I thought I believed in God, but as I progressed through college I found myself doubting it all.

    Now, Im in a position where if I make my agnostic views known I will be viewed as a bad person (I know because I see how my non-believing brother-in-law is treated). It sucks when some people think that only those who agree with their religious beliefs are good people. I am a great husband and father, but to my wife’s family I am worthless if I don’t believe in their god.

  4. I am in middle school and most everyone is a Christian. When they ask me what I choose to believe in I am scared to tell them because I am a sceptic. When certain people found out that I am agnostic they became extremely arrogant and said “If you don’t believe in God you will go to Hell” and all these mean things to me. I thought if your a Christian you are told to be kind to one another and etc. People can be closed minded and are not willing to listen to other peoples views because they themselves have been told a certain way by their parents and in their eyes thats how life has to be. I don’t understand why they care what I believe in. Why can people worry about themselves? Im not a bad person I just want some sort of proof. When I was little I was told to pray to God he would protect me etc. I never heard an answer from him; there are still bad people in this world and God has never protected me from them, I have to protect and defend myself. I can’t say that there is no God because how could I know? I’m not dead, but I can’t say there is one because I have never seen or talked to him before. There are questions that will always be unanswered to me such as, how was the earth/universe made? How were people made? No one really has an answer except theories, so I will choose to believe something when there is certain proof.

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