Posted by: Hope | September 9, 2007

UFC 75

Last night was UFC 75.

I only got two watch two fights. Matt Hamill vs. Michael Bisping and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Dan Henderson.

Ok Hamill lost to Bisping by split decision. Honestly, it was the DUMBEST judging I’ve ever heard of. Clearly Hamill beat Bisping. There should have been no question as to who dominated that fight. I sincerely think it was a bunch of BS for him not to have one. Rounds one and two went to Hamill no doubt. Round three I could see being a toss up, but hardly. I just can’t see how Bisping possibly could have won that fight and it pissed me off.

The fight between Rampage and Henderson was slightly depressing to me actually. I was really hoping Henderson would come out and win it. But all throughout the fight it just seemed to me that Rampage was just stronger than Henderson. And a bit more in better shape. Henderson is a great fighter, but clearly Rampage is better. It was not a complete domination and was actually a really good fight. But…overall it is pretty clear that Jackson comes out as a better fighter.Going into the fight I figured that Henderson would want to get Rampage on the floor and just wrestle him. Well, most of the fight was on the floor, but guess who showed that they weren’t afraid to wrestle. Rampage did, he showed that he is very comfortable on the ground and can maneuver in a very talented way. I give two thumbs up to Rampage, even though he did beat my favorite fighter, Chuck Liddell. And welcome Dan Henderson to the UFC from Pride.



  1. Check out we already have over 1200 votes agreeing that Hamill was robbed. Its so sad to see someone work so hard for nothing.

  2. I agree, Hamill won the fight. No way to judge it otherwise. Henherson did a good job against Jackson, but Jackson was too strong. If he wasn’t so much stronger, he would have been submitted a few times.
    The Sultan on Sports

  3. That loss belongs to “missing deaf actor” to play Matt… TS

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