Posted by: Hope | September 9, 2007

South Dakota Here I Come

Sorry that I haven’t posted lately. I’ve been pretty busy and will be busy all this upcoming week also. I’m leaving tonight to go to South Dakota for just a vacation. I’ll be there until Wednesday. It will be nice to get away and view some cool spots, but also its going to be a hassle in the long run. I have about 3 or 4 classes in school that I have homework in every night. Well, considering I’m going to be gone three days…thats not going to be all that fun to have to catch up to. I’m going to get all the work on Thursday and I have practice Thursday nights…so…uhh…I’ll have like two hours after school do to a shit load of work. I should be able to finish it all on Friday though. I don’t think I have a football game to go to, so I should be pretty much free. On Saturday I have a marching competition, so I can’t really do it then.

Anyways, I’m heading off to South Dakota soon. Still got some things to do. Just thought it would be nice if I finally updated.


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