Posted by: Hope | September 3, 2007

True Thoughts on Casting Crowns New CD

Someone asked me how I would rate Casting Crowns new CD compared to the other two. I’m a huge fan of Casting Crowns. I enjoyed the CD, I really did/do. But in all honesty the CD is not as good as the others. I feel that I may have over emphasized the ‘greatness’ of this CD. I do enjoy the CD, and it has a few really great songs. But thats just it. I’m used to Casting Crowns CD’s having AWESOME songs, each and every song, (well..maybe not every song..i have a few on each CD i dont enjoy) being just awesome. This new CD? Has only about 3 that I *really* enjoy. And only 2 or 3 more that I can enjoy. I hate to be a critic, but I figured I should fulfill this persons question with honesty. And also express my answer to you guys.



  1. Hey! Thanks for checking out the blog, leaving a comment and blogrolling me! I did the same. Agreed 100% on your review. I felt the same way. I told my wife today that lyrically, it is top notch as always. However the music just doesn’t fit this time around. It has grown on my a bit the more I have listened to it, but overall, still not the best from them. What’s so disappointing is that a few of those songs had real potential. “Every Man” for example, is very powerful lyrically. It just falls flat on the music. Same with “Altar to the Door” and “Slow Fade”.

    They still cause me to pause and consider the message, no matter how it sounds each time I listen. Thank again for stopping by. I will follow along on your journey as well. God Bless!

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