Posted by: Hope | September 3, 2007


First of all. I feel like I haven’t really been all that interesting of a blogger the last week or so. I apologize for that. But my mind is kind of blank on what to ask, or write. So I write little things that I see or read during the day. My apologies…really.

This is a letter I wrote to a friend, I cut some of it out….but this is what I’m going to write on and figure this would be a good insight into it.

Oh, so I asked around about Ians little incident that you find to be a miracle.

Basically what everyone has told me is that medial mistakes happen. I was told several incidents where they had gone to the hospital due to a broken leg, broken arm, etc and was given a cast because they saw in the X-ray that it was broken. Well, they’d go for a check-up like a couple of days or a week or so later and wa la they get an X-ray and there was no break after all. It was a mistake. Reading X-rays aren’t as simple as it seems to most people. I’ve looked at them before a few times myself…they’re confusing and up for mistakes when looking at them.

So thats my explanation. Was probably just a medical mistake when reading the x-ray the first time. Of course the pain was gone when he went back….it wasn’t even broken in the first place. And of course it really hurt when he thought he’d broke he…he’d just messed up his leg…pain last for a while.

Besides, what if God did heal him? Ok. Fine. Then why doesn’t he stop people from getting raped murdered, AIDS, cancer, Katrina, Darfur, etc. A broken leg can cure on its own in like 6 weeks. Why would he heal a leg, but then not do anything about those other more serious things?

Long story short (as I can) I was talking to a good friend of mine about my losing faith and what not. She kept saying how she didn’t understand. Especially after all of the miracles and stuff I witnessed. Honestly, I couldn’t remember any. So she brought up this story of my friend named Ian who had broken his leg, went to the ER and got an X-Ray. The doctors told him he had broken his leg, and they gave him a temporary cast. Then he went back for the real cast soon after and they took another X-Ray* and they told him he did not havea broken leg after all. The doctors were supposedly “puzzled” and held both x-rays up next to each other. So I guess this was supposed to have been a miracle because we had all prayed for his healing before he had gone to the hospital.

So, when she told me this story I was puzzled. I told her I did not think it was God and that there had to of been a medical mistake or something in that nature. But still, I asked and I got pretty much the same response of what I was saying originally. So that is what I went with.

But miracles alone really do confuse me sometimes. I’ve been told different stories about miracles and sometimes I do stand there puzzled. Most of them are healings, of course. And I don’t really have much of a medical knowledge (yet) so my ignorance is probably partly the reason why I sometimes get so amazed. I don’t know. I’ve never actually witnessed an actual healing though. If I saw right before my eyes something amazing happen. Like, a leg or something growing back…or someone with a weird back to where they can’t stand up straight (I can’t remember the name of it…sorry) all of a sudden healed within an instant. Then I would have to stand back and be like “wow, something out of the ordinary just happened here…” And I would have to go from there and definitely have to consider the fact that maybe it was God. But honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever see something like that. And that is why I’m not impressed with the topic of “miracles”.

* This is the story she told me, I do remember this happening but I just don’t/never know/knew all of the details myself. So why they took another x ray I’m not sure.



  1. I’ve been part of a miracle before, on the praying end. One of my classmates in my Old Testament History class told us about how his dad had gone in earlier in the day for feeling woozy and told us they figured out it was two blood clots, one in his chest (minor artery) and one in his neck- both not life threatening. So they did an MRI, located them, and assigned him a surgery for the next day. We prayed that he’d be healed without the need for doctors to go in and do surgery (as he’s an old man). Next class period they told me about how they went in for another MRI to locate it again for surgery, to make sure it hadn’t moved. They were both gone.

    God tends not to do miracles to make people believe- he leaves some questionability in there to leave belief more of an open thing- not forced. Is it possible that the leg wasn’t broken in the first place? Yes, but I’ve seen x-rays of breaks before and if it’s a break, it’s usually easy to spot. If the docs were puzzled, there’s a reason for it.

  2. your skepticism about the broken leg healing is fine. especially since as stories pass through the grapevine they get changed. but about losing faith…

    a lot of people dismiss the idea of a god based on the fact that there is evil and bad things in the world. now, without getting all theological, if there were no bad and evil things, wouldn’t we already be living in a heavenly state–having eternal life without sin?

    and on believing or not believing because of “proof” aka miracles…

    “Because you have seen me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

  3. No matter how hard some try, miracles will remain a contradictory subject. It still seem like miracles are dependent on your point of view. If you are looking for miracles, you’ll find them, if not, you’ll see events as “natural”.

    I do however think that this universe is much more complex than we think, so stating something as impossible might be problematic as well.

    If you look at the Old Testament, you’ll find times when Israel is doubting in the miraculous. They simply don’t see God sending water from a rock, or moving in a cloud of fire anymore, they then start seeing God in the everyday things of live. And even testify about their faith, while stating that God doesn’t seem to work in any miraculous ways any more.

  4. I had been raised in a “faith healing”, evangelical church. I can’t remember any instances of actual healing, either. I do remember one guest pastor doing a little trick that fooled some people. He would have a person sit down, take their feet in his hands and show that the legs were of different lengths. Then he would pray and one leg would “miraculously” grow to the same length. I don’t remember what I thought of it at the time. I think I was just a little confused by it. Later, I saw James Randi (I think it was him) do the same trick. It’s easy to make one leg look longer than the other (by holding both legs slightly to one side, or pushing/pulling on one leg) and “miraculously” heal it. Apparently, this was a pretty common trick of faith healers because a quick google search yielded similar accounts.

  5. cobus; I don’t say that miracles are impossible and that they dont happen. I am saying that I don’t believe they do. I am open to the fact that maybe miracles do occur..but i find it very unlikely. I used to say as a Christian that science, and the health knowledge, medical stuff that we know and can do in of itself is a miracle. But really, how can you know that? Maybe that is Gods way of making miracles happening. Using men, and making it look normal. If you look, you will find. And maybe if you think of it in that way, that is true. But I can’t know that.

  6. tinyfrog; yes…faking a miracle is ridiculous and to me almost seems like blasphemy in a weird way. Its lying, and its wrong. It’s also completely stupid and unacceptable. But it happens all of the time. Like that guy on TV that has thousands of people in the audience and has people come up and supposedly heals them. ahh phooey, thats just a load of crap.

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