Posted by: Hope | September 1, 2007

Michigan State Spartans

Those of you that know me know that I am a Michigan STATE University fan. Which is in my neck of the woods odd. At least if you’re white. Most everyone I know is a U of M fan. The story behind me being a State fan even though u of m obviously has been better in the past few years? I like to be different. So as a kid, when I realized everyone was a Michigan fan I decided I would choose the opposite and be a Michigan State fan. My father really hates the fact that I’m a Michigan State fan. It’s pretty much a family rivalry between him and I now. It’s cute, it really is.

Anyways, today was the opening day of college football. MSU played UAB and won. Actually, they didn’t just win. They kicked their ass.  The final score was 55-18. They made me proud with an amazing 45 points in the first half.

So here I stand and say I am proud to be a Michigan State fan. Besides, two people from my high school play for them. Otis Wiley and Ryan Wheat.




  1. Michigan State looked good yesterday. Granted, it was against UAB, who is going to be one of the worst teams in the country. The running game should be good, though, and Brian Hoyer should be good enough that you won’t miss Drew Stanton too much. I think Mark Dantonio will have the Spartans headed in the right direction before long.

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