Posted by: Hope | August 25, 2007

First Football Game of the Season

So last night we had our first football game. I’m not exactly sure if we started on time due to a tornado! Yeah, we all had to stay inside, couldn’t get dressed or anything because there was a tornado warning in my area. It actually wound up blowing right over us and landing in Fenton, about 10 minutes north of where we were. So we got lucky. I was watching the news and was tripping because the news team kept showing my neighborhood as in it was a good chance it would get hit. So, I wasn’t the happiest person ever at the time. But all is well, everything is fine. The football game went okay, we did pre-game which went actually fairly decent I thought. Then halftime was well, not so hot. I did however think my quartet sounded pretty good. But the pit (like the xylophones and stuff) were so out of time that it was totally messing up the entire band. We were all so the MIDDLE of a show! Yeah, not a good thing at all. But somehow the entire band (except for the pit) kept together. Sorta…Anyways, here’s a video of the show if you’re interested.

Don’t laugh to hard… is kinda pathetic.


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