Posted by: Hope | August 22, 2007

My Song Lyrics…still needs a little work

So I’m practically done with the song I was writing. Like the lyrics are done. And uhh…yeah…I don’t think they’ve changed at all from before. But!! I did work around my little writers block and just made up some different guitar shit for those parts. I like the song. I have a little picking part to it, I just dunno exactly where to put it lol. Otherwise, the song is pretty cool IMO. I suppose I can show you the lyrics 😛

Stuck in a routine of inconsistencies
Seems like thats always apart of me
Wanting so hard to find the truth
All the while breaking loose

No matter how much I try
I keep finding myself
Letting go of you (repeat)

Confusion of what is right
Seems to keep bindin me so tight
Lost in the unknown world
Of an unknown dream
It all seems to natural to me

Chorus– (repeat)

Attempt to convince myself its all lies
I’ve tried it so many times
The truth seems too unknown to me
I just pray that it will be shown in light of everything
(suggestions on how to shorten that last line??!?!)

Chorus again, twice….

So yeah, as I was writing these lyrics down, I’m kinda changing around the song to a different way than I’ve been singing it. Because, well..I think it might make more sense doing it the way I just wrote it down. But jumping into the Chorus from each verse…does it make sense? Going from binding chains to no matter how much i try…does that make sense? or does it sound weird? Same question applies for the other verses….


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