Posted by: Hope | August 20, 2007

Knowing There is a God

I’m the type of person that likes to know things. Not assume, or just think– I like to know that I know that I know whatever it may be. The same thing goes with God. I want to know without a shadow of doubt in my mind that he exist or doesn’t exist. This whole being “in between” thing sucks, I hate it. I’ve heard several Christians say that they know there is a God. They don’t doubt it for a second. But how? How can you know? I’ve also heard a few Atheists tell me that they know that there is no God, at least the Christian God anyways. They know that the Christian God does not exist- but how? How could you possibly know?

Feel free to respond! ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. This is one of those questions like, “How do you know when you’re REALLY in love?” My mom always told me, “You’ll know when you know.” Well, that made not one bit of sense to me of course – until I fell in love. Until I knew that “HE” was really the one, and I married him!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The same is true with Christianity. It’s hard to experience that love of the Lord until you’ve accepted Him and entered a relationsihp with Him! It’s the hard part of that faith step that gets us! But, oh, once you are in a love relationship with the Lord, there’s no doubt! Not one! Sure, there are moments I wonder what in the world the Lord is doing in my life, but I still know He’s there. Here is my story:

    I just encourage you to jump! Have you read “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel? He was an atheist, and had set out to write a book to DISPROVE the existence of God. He asks every question you’ve probably ever wondered. He lists not feelings or stories – although I believe those are just as valuable, but Strobel gives PROOF! Check it out!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I understand what you’re saying about once you experience the Lord. But I think the thing you miss with me (probably because you don’t know exactly where I stand on the subject with God) is that I don’t experience God…let alone do I know if I believe in him. So I’m not exactly sure how I can put that to where I am capable of having that same experience. Trust me, I have tried. And failed miserably (several times) at that.

    But yes, I have heard of Lee Strobel and his book. I’ve read the student edition to his book The Case for Faith. I have not read any of the case for Christ ones yet though. Mostly because I’m trying to keep my doubt away from my family. So if they saw me reading it, it may not go over well. But I suppose at some point I’m going to have to let them know. So, I guess I bet quit being a chicken, ehh?

    Anyways, thanks for writing.

  3. You should check out Experiencing God too – it’s a great study!

    I would venture to say that if you don’t know if you believe in Him then it appears that you haven’t put your whole faith in Him. So, you wouldn’t experience him. Does that make sense?

    Please know that I say this as an encouragement. I’ve been where you are. I work with youth a lot and talk through these things with them. If your parents are strong Christians who you think will respond appropriately, talk through it with them. If not, talk with your youth minister or pastor or another adult whose faith you respect. I think Satan gets us a lot of times that way – in making us hold it inside and not share our doubts and feelngs.

    Someone that knows you really well that you belive has a genuine faith would be perfect to talk through this with. I’m not sure how old you are – but I’m guessing high school or college – it’s perfectly normal and even expected at this age to doubt what you’ve been “fed” all of your life. You’ve come to that point where you’re like, Hey, what is all this about anyway? We call it “owning your faith”. Making it your faith and not just that of your parents.

    I just encourage you to ask the questions, seek the answers, take the plunge. Ask adults you trust who are knowledgable. That may or may not be your parents. Ask God too! Hey, I’m going to pray for you and keep checking your blog!

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