Posted by: Hope | August 18, 2007

Disbelief, is it arrogant?

Is my disbelief in God (or anyones disbelief) arrogant? Is not believing in God an arrogant thing? If so, why? I can understand saying that you KNOW there is no God as an arrogant statement, because…well…you can’t know. But thats the thing: I’ve heard Christians tell me that they KNOW there is a God. Is not that an arrogant statement also? How can you know? You can’t. You think there is, you believe there is, and you have faith that there is. But that is totally different than knowing, is it not? I don’t see the difference, at all. Anyways, anyone have any insight on how disbelief is arrogant?

I don’t believe it is, unless of course you’re the kind that says you know it doesn’t exist, or that it does exist. And thats about it. Tell me your feelings!!!!!



  1. Disbelief, if it is honest disbelief and if you do not try to make everyone around you a disbeliever is NOT arroganr. Only those who think they have the market on Truth are arogant.

  2. Those who think the entire Universe was created just for them under a god’s watchful eye … that’s arrogance.

  3. Matt,

    Forgive me for biting the hand that feeds us – you are THAT Matt, right? – but your statement is as arrogant as those you condemn for arrogance. Everyone is entitled to believe as they choose. Disbelief is, in the final analysis, a form of believ. Arrogance is demanding that others believe the same as you do.

    As Voltaire said way back when, I disgree with your beliefs but I will defend to rhe death your right to believe them.

    BTW, Hope, if you want to know who I am, click my name and visit my blog. I have an about me page. Also you can learn more about me by reading my posts 🙂 That’s as much information as I will reveal.

    I’ve added your blog to my blogroll.



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