Posted by: Hope | August 10, 2007

Not Just Anyone

As I go on with life one day at a time the more I feel like I haven’t lived the normal “teen” life. I look around and most teens are in relationships. And they all seem happy. Sure, relationships come and go and I do not have any respect for the people that go around having one boyfriend right after another. Its whorish-and to me…shows a lack of maturity and realization of what love is. Maybe thats why I haven’t spent time in relationships, experiencing life like a normal teenage girl. I don’t have the insentive to try and find someone, and I’m picky. I don’t want just anyone. I want someone I can trust, and love. Someone who I know will always be there for me, someone I know that I can call if I just need someone to talk to. Someone who thinks I’m beautiful even when I look my worst. I have never found that. I haven’t actually ever found anyone that I feel could fill that role-for me. I have found people in my life that I know that if we did get together, I would be very happy. But obviously-since I have never been with them- they probably didn’t feel the same way.

I don’t know. This is me just basically saying I wish I had someone. Lots of people say to enjoy being single. I’ve had my share of being single. I enjoy it sometimes. But uhh–as of late? I hate it. I want someone. And not just anyone. And those two wishes just clash–really badly.


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