Posted by: Hope | August 9, 2007

Home Life Sucks

Well, to be honest with you guys right now. I hate life right now. I mean sure, things are going good for the most part…but that is only when I am not at home. My home life sucks. I absolutely hate it. I know crappy home life is extremely common and usually worse than my own. Thats why I hate to complain about mine. But I just cant help it. It has gotten to the point to where when I leave, I am devestated come the time when I have to go back home. It sucks here. All it is is non stop fighting. Nothing is ever good enough and I always feel like no one loves me or respects me. I can’t stand it. And there is nothing I can do about it. I can’t change the way they act towards me, and when they act that way…it pisses me off and I become an asshole because of it. Which of course, only makes the situation worse.


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