Posted by: Hope | June 12, 2007

Argh, I’m a Loser…right?

I’m about sick of talking about religion lol. I looked back and read through this and realized that is basically all I talk about. Actually makes me feel like I have no life outside of religion, but I do…I really do! 🙂 So…lets discuss…music?!

Ok, thats actually about all my life consist of. I feel like a loser now. Music and religion is all I have to account for in my life, besides friends and family. That’s not cool. I need a new hobby or something because within the last 2 minutes of writing this I have come to realize that I, Hope, am a loser. Actually, I’m really not. I’m just so beyond bored right now that I feel like one. It’s summer, I have no job, no license, no car, and the only thing I can bring myself to discuss in this damn blog is religion and music. Sometimes my dogs, siblings, parents, friends, etc. But thats about it. Is it just me, or is that a little ridiculous? Or is it a good thing and shows commitment? I dont know. You tell me.


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