Posted by: Hope | May 18, 2007

Blast from the Past Pt. 2

Hi guys!

So to continue my story thing, lets start I left off.

So yeah, at this point I’m saved, born again, whatever. And a friend named Danielle began to take me under her wing right away. She gave me a Bible and took me to the christian book store to buy me a christian Cd, my very first one. It was a whole new beginning for me, so I had to start somewhere! Considering I had never heard any Christian music or artists outside of Church I had no freaking idea what I would like. She asked me what kind of music I listen to, threw stuff at me, I just shrugged like “uhh, I have no idea who these people are!” So then she asked me what my favorite songs at church were, I wound up naming off quite a few Hillsong [United] songs, so she bought me a CD of them.

So there I am, all ready to go, I’ve got Christian music, my church, a mentor, and a Bible….oh and dont forget the fact that I know nothing at all about Christianity. So, thats when I began to go to Sunday School. I learned a lot at first, but as the weeks, and then months rolled on it got to the point where everything I heard was nothing new to me….it got old real quick. But dont let me confuse you, I was die hard crazy for Christ. My youth pastor put this burden my heart that if I didn’t do something about the non-believers in this world, they were going to die and go to hell. And from what I had heard about hell, I surely didn’t want to wish that upon anyone. So then guess what came up next in my life?!!

You guessed it! This is the point where Way of the Master was introduced to me. And boy oh boy did I bite hard (like many other Christians in the United States specifically). This way of “witnessing” to people seemed so easy, but yet so hard. I didn’t know enough about the Bible to be able to back up anything these people had against me. So, every time I went out street witnessing I made sure I wasn’t alone… But man, did I love witnessing. It was this idea of getting the word about Christ and his love for you, and how if you dont do something your gonna go to hell. I loved saving people, but what I failed to realize is that barely anyone really responded to the message. Sure, maybe I’ve seen a few that actually accepted it, but I never recognized how irritated people were when I did this. My blindness of faith in God totally took away from my ability to recognize that 99% of the people were *not* responding in anyway. And 50% of the time it wound up in a debate!!! So now, looking back at this…I realize, that street witnessing is one of the last ways to get someone to accept Christ.

—oh, yeah, this is a time thing, not looking back…huh? ok, back on track!!—

So lets see. I’m die hard Christian, love to street witness, on a Bible plan to read the Bible in a year. I went to church every week, Sunday, and Wednesday. Usually on Tuesday for prayer, and on Thursdays for Discipleship class (which I actually miss having by the way). So for the most part I spent whole life at church. All of my friends were there, I lost a lot of friends that I once was extremely close to because of my faith, and my annoying attitude towards them about it.

Ok, lets fast forward…now we’re at March of the next year, which had to of been what…2005? Yup, this is when my youth pastor, my rock, my life died. He died on March 6th of 2005. Now, let me give you a little insight on how much this took a blow to me. Pastor Tim (or P.T) was the person who brought me to Christ. He was the person that taught me everything I knew, listened to everything I had to say, and walked by me in my walk with Christ. I loved him like a father, he was my world, and one of my best friends. And I know many people felt the same way about him.

This will be continued later….


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