Posted by: Hope | May 7, 2007

Blast from the Past

Hmm, what to write? I figured it is about time I write something as it has been forever.

So why not write my testimony? Actually, to be honest, this whole blogging thing is just for me, I dont care about you guys. I’m doin this for me, so I can look back into the past and see how much I’ve grown, or just to remember things, events, times, thoughts, everything. It’s more of a reflection thing for me. So thats why I get irritated at myself when I don’t write for a while.

So lets try and reflect on the past 3, 4 years of my life, shall we?

4 years ago I was heading into the big 7th grade. Leaving the common ground of elementary and finally moving into a school where I actually had to ride the bus to school! What a huge step!

Then came time for me to pick a sport I wanted to be in, so I chose swimming. Oh I loved swimming and was really good at it. I was one of the best on the team and people respected me. Then my coach invited me to church. I didn’t see why not and decided that I would go. I remember the first night going there very well. I was scared out of my freakin mind. The people were really kind, almost too kind. It was like they were trained to smile and hug and talk to you. It was quite scary. And then came worship. I had never been in a church setting before, especially a charismatic one.

People were standing around, raising their hands, dancing, speaking in tongues (well, I didn’t know thats what it was called). I was freaking scared to death.

Ok, lets fast forward 3 months. It’s March 17th, 2004. I’m standing there at church, worshiping, and observing others worship…wanting to learn more. My pastor has an alter call, and that is the night I finally accept Christ into my life. I cried, and hugged and celebrated. At the current time I believed that had to of been the best day of my life. I couldn’t picture anything else and I was so excited for everything to come. But what I didn’t realize was that what was to come was a freakin nightmare.

…I’ll continue this later 🙂


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