Posted by: Hope | April 12, 2007

Long Time No See!

Sorry I haven’t updated you guys in forever!

Life is alright here, just living it. You know, the whole shabang. Umm I’m on spring break at the current time. It’s gonna end before I know it and that’s always a sad thing. But hey, it’s spring break, all that means is I’m that much closer to the summer. I can’t wait because all this snow is driving me insane.

I’ve been grounded the last two days or so. I never get grounded so its definitely a new concept. I got grounded for getting drunk two nights in a row, and the second night getting so drunk I puked. So yeah, getting drunk has *never* been a problem before but now all of a sudden it is. I don’t understand it. My mom has never ever had a problem with us drinking or getting drunk or partying or anything. I don’t get the sudden change. But I guess I’m going to have to adjust to this change. I guess she’s scared I’m going to become an alcoholic because I’m so young and already getting drunk all the time.

And for the kids out there:

—–Remember kids, no drinking and driving! And don’t drink until your 21! Dont do what I do, do what I say!—

Now back to our normal programming:

I go back from spring break on Monday. So woohoo! I know I have tests when I get back too, so I might have to crack open a book or two to refresh my memory a bit. Oh, and my grades! Ha, I got 5 A’s (well..3 A-‘s and 2 A’s) and 1 B. It was a B- but I turned in some extra credit. Don’t ask me why she gave me a B, cause I dont know. I turn everything in in that class, and we never get our homework handed back to us so it’s not like i know the grade i got on homeworks.

Some of you are probably wondering where I’m at with my faith. Well, you know about as much as I do. I have a lot of conflicting thoughts of what I believe. It’s actually kinda cute to watch me try and express my views when people ask me questions. lol, I contradict myself a lot cause I’m just so confused! I guess it’s not as cute as I thought, it’s actually a very bad thing. Not knowing what you believe sucks. Makes me feel a little inadequate…and slightly dumb. But oh well. I’m not really taking any steps to work on my faith either. I read the Bible the past few days and am reading this book Tom bought me about a year ago. So, that’s about the best your gonna get from me. 2 Peter did kinda make me feel uncomfy reading it.

Well, until we meet again.




  1. Hi Hope, just stopping in to comment — I see your posts over at CF and usually enjoy them 🙂 Best of luck in your crisis of faith — it does suck not knowing what you believe, but it’s quite a bit better than thinking you *do* know what you believe when you don’t. Finding out what you *don’t* believe can be every bit as important as finding out what to believe.

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