Posted by: Hope | March 29, 2007

I Can’t Believe He Died

So basically told was totally 100% F’ed up. My friend from like elementary died last night in a car accident. He was so cool and I loved him to death. I can’t believe he died, I’m in like complete denial. And then to top it off this dumb a** kid at school starting talking sh*t about how he’s “salty” for running into a tree and dying. (salty means basically: stupid, retarded, umm…yeah) So many people got pissed off at him, and there was this HUGE fight in the cafeteria over it. I know like 5 people that got suspended for basically beating the crap out of this kid. I saw so many people cry today that I’ve never ever seen cry before, and it took so much to keep myself from crying. Then my buddy on the bus home started crying and stuff and I was just like..I didnt know what to say. It was a terrible experience and so many people are really upset.

RIP Jacob D



  1. Im sorry.

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