Posted by: Hope | March 6, 2007

I’m So Arrogant

So I’ve discovered one of the worst traits about myself is how when someone begins some form of argument, or hurts me in any way, I don’t let it go, but I keep the problem going and just keep going on and on even if they apologized. It’s a big mix of stupidity and arrogance (yeah, I’m learning I’m pretty arrogant). I hate it about myself and if I could change anything about me, it’d probably be that. All it does is lead me to more hurt and pain, and that’s not what I need at all. I don’t know what else to say really, just that I’m an arrogant fool.



  1. This blog makes me smile 🙂 Oh, I know it’s serious, but you know this is something we all struggle with. If you could only hear the stories of my struggles with my ego…

    I’ll just say that just by noticing this about yourself, you’re a thousand miles ahead of most people. Most people live their entire lives thinking themselves perfectly reasonable, and never even notice how arrogant they can be, or how they turn slights into a crescendo of increasing conflict, or how harshly they judge others for doing things they themselves unknowingly do. We all do it, but sometimes we notice we’re doing it, and then we can make things a little better.

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