Posted by: Hope | February 27, 2007

Confusion I Guess

A mini rough draft of something i wrote the sucks, but whatever.

Who have I become? My strive and ambition. It’s all gone. MY heart so cold and I don’t even know it. Nobody does, I appear so calm and collected but inside I’m screaming. The truth of what is there I want to know it. I want to hold it in my hand. Will I ever know? Or will I always wonder, wonder the reality of it all. Was it real? Or was it all a misunderstanding? Confusion so high…who is this person with so many doubts? My mind is so babbled, s easily swayed to the rhythm of a different beat. Ideas so contradicting to the point of being unknown, unknown of whom you really are. How am I to ever conclude anything when I cant even conclude who I am inside.


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