Posted by: Hope | February 22, 2007

Being back into the “real world” is such a big difference from when going on a retreat to the point I don’t even realize it. I’m trying to be stubborn about my beliefs but all my little atheist buddies love to make me feel like my beliefs are crap. They dont do it on purpose, but they always find a way to get my thinking about things. I’m fine though, I am still firm on my belief of what happened this past weekend and firm in who God is in me. I’m thankful to be who I am today. Thankful for my family, friends, and my little support system I have from people who don’t even realize they are my support system!

School is kind of at the “Easy” stage right now. We’re just kind of riding along and not doing much of anything challenging. I’ve had a lot of tests/quizzes lately though. I’m still maintaining all A’s…from what I’m aware of. I’m really excited to be taking psychology next year. I suppose I’ll probably wind up taking sociology along with that. They sound like hard classes though, but I can do it..I’m not too worried. I heard Mr. Dupuis is a really good teacher, so that encouraged me.


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