Posted by: Hope | February 19, 2007

My Birthday

Today is my 16th birthday. I don’t understand why people make such a big deal out of the big 1-6…it’s just another year older. Not sure why it’s called the “sweet 16”..but none the less I’ve had a good birthday.

I went and got a massage (a much needed one) which was great. And then my parents and I went out to eat. Later tonight I’m going out to see a movie with my friend Amanda and that should basically be my birthday. In a few weeks I’ll probably go and get my license although my mom said something about getting it on Wednesday…but I dont know how much it cost to go and get one. Plus, I uhh erm..need to practice my parallel parking lol. I haven’t even tried since drivers training and that was one of my weaknesses. I’m not excited to say the least. I dont know how to figure out what exactly I’d have to do or how much its gonna cost. I just know theres a little small written test thats easy and a driving test that im not worried about.


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