Posted by: Hope | February 3, 2007

Diabetis Sucks

Well, today was an interesting day I guess. I came home from school about 2:30 and my dad wasn’t anywhere to be found. Now, he’s a diabetic so I got kind of worried that he had never woken up, and therefor his sugar would be extremely low. So I ran upstairs to see if he was still sleeping and sure enough he was. He was covered up under a blanket and I yelled to him and asked why he was still sleeping. He sounded as if he woke up and just told me to leave him alone. I definitely wasn’t going to just leave him alone. So, I pulled the blanket off of him and he got really pissed and kept yanking the blanket back. So after a long hard struggle just to get the damn blanket off of him, I then tried to talk to him. At first I couldn’t tell if his sugar was low (before I was trying to rip the blanket off of him), but after his reaction towards the blanket coming off of him, I could tell he was out of it. So I ran down stairs to get him some bread with some hunny and peanut butter on it, and got him a glass of orange juice. I brought it to him and I kept trying to force him to eat and he simply would not. So at this point I decided to call my mother and asked her what I should do. She said she’d just come home. Well, she came home and decided to inject some sugar, glucose crap into him from the emergency thing. Well, we tried that but he was very agrresive. He had already hit and kicked me quite a few times when I was trying to feed him. Well, he would jerk around and swing at us when we tried to put the needle into him. I guess we were able to get enough in him to where he would be able to come around. Ten minutes later he was fine and wondered why we were so distraught. It scares me because he can’t remember anything when he’s like that. I asked him if he had remembered the last thirty minutes and he said he did not. He seemed pretty upset about the whole thing and hates it when he gets like that. He apologized to me for hitting me. I feel so bad for him. I mean, can you imagine? Just basically blacking out and being unaware of anything that happened..your a completely different person and your brain is like on the verge of like being dead. I just can’t imagine what it would feel like to not be able to comprehend anything that happened.

There’s a mini story for you.

Mr. Bell…one of my favorite teachers is getting a new job. I guess Monday is his last day. I’m sad..he’s a good guy.

And that’s about all to say about my recentness.




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