Posted by: Hope | December 5, 2006

Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Let Go

So today I finally realized that I need to learn to treasure the goods things in my life. I was looking back, and not even that far and realized that my life has completely changed over the last year. Just everything I do, have done, people I hang’s all changed. And not even for the better. It’s all kind of gone downward. I miss Amanda….it’s odd to hear me say that, but I realized that I do. I mean, I saw the girl everyday for almost two years. She was my best friend at one point. And now, I haven’t seen her in a few months. And when we do see each other, it’s either on bad terms, or at church in which we don’t talk much. I lost a “closish” friend today. Not sure why, it’s all a mess. And I’ve actually sorta “lost” quite a few “close” friends over the past year. I don’t know. Things are just so different. I wish there was a way for me to turn back time, change some things or something. Do something right for a change. I’ve done so many more things wrong over the past year, it’s no wonder things aren’t the same. People say change is good, and I agree..for some things it is. But not in this situation. I don’t like the change, I want my old life back. I guess all I can do is learn from this and to remember to cherish the things, even the little things, while I have them.

Quick update on me:

Life’s alright, just trying to keep busy. School and band are about all I do right now. It’s not much….I need to get a life, or a job or something. I had a band concert at the Flint Public Library tonight. It was for the brass ensemble. It went..okay…nothing special really. We kinda hacked our way through the last song especially. I have another concert on Thursday. For that one I have to wear a dress (ick)…and…that’s about it.

Until I speak again,




  1. Life continually changes. You will get used to it and figure out how to make the best of it!

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