Posted by: Hope | November 9, 2006

Soft Drinks?

Hey guys!

How you guys doin? I’m doing pretty good. Keeping busy with school and what not. I have to go and get fitted for a dress tonight for symphony band..yuck! Definitely something I’m not looking for. I wish it wasn’t a requirement to wear dresses to concerts. I should have stuck with Concert band lol. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

So today I was thinking about what I’m going to do with my life. I mean, I’ve already got the main picture. But I’m still kind of stuck. I’m not sure if I want to be a Pediatrician or a Pediatric Nurse. I’m actually even starting to consider being a Physical Therapist. I think that would be cool. I would have a wide variety of ages. I’m just going to have to look more into it on how much they make, and the better schools for that. But yeah, I’m pretty stuck on the whole thing. Hopefully skill center next year will help me out a bit.

Well not to be random. But have you ever thought about all of the different ways people refer to soft drinks? I mean there are kind of a lot. And depending on where you’re at some people actually get irritated if you refer to it a certain way. Up here in Michigan we say pop. Down south, specificially Tennessee I know they call it coke. That whole coke idea really confuses me. I mean, how would that work? Wouldn’t you get really confused? “What would you like?”….”A coke”….”What kind of coke”….”A coke” lol. I dont know, that would just be weird and i dont understand the whole idea of it. I know that in a lot of places they call it soda and i’ve heard of people get irritated if you call it pop lol. So yeah, what other kind of ways is pop referred to?…I don’t know..I was just thinking about that. One of my more random thoughts I suppose.

Well, until we meet again–




  1. burp, dont forget soda…soda pop, and sodie

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