Posted by: Hope | October 29, 2006

Just A Quick Update

So I haven’t updated lately, and figured I should. Carman-Ainsworth won their first play-off game against Grand Blanc. The final score i believe was 26-6. So that’s a good start for us considering i thought GB was pretty good.

Yesterday I went to this “spy game” event at my church. It was pretty cool. It’s where we drove around Flint, Grand Blanc looking for different clues. (of course we were given an original clue as to where to go to for our next clue) and we ended up winning. So yeah, that was fun. My group ended up winning. I won a free movie ticket, I think i might end up using it to go see Saw 3.

My friend Brad got into a pretty bad accident at work. He fell off a roof, and onto a ladder. Ripped his thumb pretty much right off, was hanging on by a piece of skin. They sewed it back on, but don’t know for sure if it will ever be back to normal. So if you could say a prayer for him, that’d be great!

Well, that’s about all that is up with my life right now. Not too exciting, but that’s all I got for ya. Take care guys!




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