Posted by: Hope | October 22, 2006

Blue Brigade

I figured I should hop on and update you all of my last few days…

Yesterday I had a band competition and it was a lot of be honest. We all went out there and tried to give our best show we could..and we definitely are happy with the results. We did however, come in second place. We were all really hoping for first. But hey, we’ll definitly take second! We broke 60! Woot! I was mainly concentrating on keeping my dumb feet in time…cuz I’m really bad about that. I worked on it really hard during practice, and i think it paid off during the show. I really believe I only fell out of step, maybe twice..but fixed it as soon as i noticed. I think the funniest part of the entire day was when we were waiting for the scores to be presented, we all started to sing jump on it, and other tunes. It was entertaining. We even did the wave with other bands lol. The drum majors (some of them) even started to do different variations of the wave. So yes, it was entertaining. And we had a successful season, we improved each week, and we broke sixty..and we beat other bands. So not too bad for us.

Yesterday morning (Saturday) i did have a scare though. I was getting ready to leave for band and went up stairs to wake my mom to take me..and she wasn’t there. So i asked my dad, and he said she had gone with my aunt pam to the hospital for my grandma. So, that sucked…and i didnt get to hear from my mom until like 2 o’clock. Needless to say, everything wound up being fine. My grandma is at my house now, and i think she’ll be leaving to go home tomorrow or so.


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