Posted by: Hope | October 16, 2006

Mankind..Good..or bad?

Well this is my “OFFICIAL” new blog. Hopefully I can learn to keep this one going. So to start off with I think I’ll quote (my favorite quote)

“You must not lose faith in humanity, if a few drops are dirt, the ocean does not become dirty.”

I was talking to a friend about how recently the one older man went into the school and wound up killing someone. Well I was saying how disgusting and horrible it is that someone would do something like that, and how i didnt understand why anyone could do it. Well she then tried to explain to me why. It was basically how people would get depressed and stuff. Anyways, long story short she was going on and on how horrible mankind is, and how they’re hopeless. Let me try to quote her really quick.
“People don’t know whats good for them and they don’t know what to believe in. They’re lost sometimes their entire lives. And that’s sad. If I was not a christian now and I wasn’t raised where I could witness for myeslf who God was… I wouldn’t bother believing and being christian because of the horrible example that most humans present today with the religion. The world is already lost. Nothing can be done about it because it’s gotten to the point where most of people just dont care or they take it to the extremes, and all it does is avert people. What if it is evil? Some people don’t care and they’re too lost to see the consequence.”

So thats when i simply just showed her that quote. I don’t know if it did anythng for her, because she never replied. But I know that quote made a lot of sense to me in this situation.


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