Posted by: Hope | October 16, 2006

False Pregnancy

So a few months ago we took my dog, Abby to breed her with a male. And so we did, and for the last two months we’ve thought she was pregnant. Well, her due date was on thursday and she never delivered. We got waited it off, waited it off and now..finally told, four days later…we took her to the vet in concern. They took x-rays and discovered she is not pregnant, and never was. She’s going through a “false” pregnancy which is basically where there hormones are all messed up and the dog thinks she is pregnant. She really fooled us! My mom said the other day how she could feel the puppies i put my hand there, and i was like “mom, thats her heart beat hunny” she got defensive saying how she wasn’t dumb lol. I guess she was after all. So now we’re all upset because we wanted to keep a female lab from the liter and breed her, since Abby wouldn’t be able to breed anymore. Now we dont know what we should do. The Vet suggested we get abby neutered before she gets an infection in her uterus. So we’re kind of stuck on what we’re going to do now. Only time will tell I suppose…


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